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Exclusive Opportunity for 10 Committed Individuals to...

Gain Access to 1:1 Mentorship, An Entire team Of Experts, $5 mILLION in Approved Contracts, & My Personal Subcontractor Network 

But only if you want to skip years of work and time it usually takes to secure $5M worth of contracts...
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Ready to get access to my 2 month $5 million pipeline, 
my entire team and connections to do all the work for you?


A personal Invitation From Jason White

7-Figure Federal Government Contracting Expert

As someone who’s been in your shoes, I understand the passion and the drive that fuels your desire to make it big in the world of federal government contracting. And I want to be a part of your journey, providing you with every resource you need to find success, including direct access to me, $5 million dollars worth of approved contracts, and my personal network of subcontractors.

But, this isn't just about giving you the tools. It's about bridging a gap. I've seen so many people getting stuck, feeling overwhelmed, even scared, just not knowing the right way forward. They're reaching out to me in my DMs, and it's clear they need guidance. They need someone who's been there, done that. Someone to turn their uncertainty into action.

So I’ve cleared my calendar for 2 months to work 1:1 with 10 people.

Because you see, before I knew how to build wealth, how to create abundance, and build a business. I did not understand the importance of investing in a coach. In fact, I was the type of person who thought I could do this on my own, and by doing it on my own I thought I was saving money. But I was actually losing money because I had a million questions and I took forever to figure it out. It took me 3 years to figure this out and the money I'm making now I could have been making a long time ago had I invested in a coach.

So, if you can't afford to go 3 years without making the kind of money that'll set you free through government contracting and would prefer to know how to win this game in 2 months with my $5 million pipeline, contacts, and resources… apply now by filling out the form above. But be quick, because last year spaces were filled in just 4 days. 

- J. White

The Process Is Simple.

I’ve cleared my calendar for 2 months to work 1:1 with 10 people

Step 1:

We Find The 
Contracts For you

My qualified team and I will take the burden off your shoulders by actively searching and finding the most lucrative contracts for you. We scour the market to identify opportunities that align with your goals. With our expertise, we ensure you have access to contracts valued up to $5 million, saving you the time and effort of searching for them yourself.

Step 2:

We Give You The Right Contacts and Connections

Success in government contracting often hinges on building the right relationships. You'll be able to leverage my extensive network and industry connections to connect you with the key contacts you need. Whether it's government officials, subcontractors, or other industry professionals, I'm here ensure you have access to the right people who can propel your contracting journey forward.

Step 3:

We Support you throughout the entire process

Embarking on the journey of government contracting can be daunting, but with myself and my team by your side, you'll never feel alone. We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, offering guidance, answering your questions, and addressing any concerns that arise. We are dedicated to ensuring your success, and we'll be there every step of the way to support and empower you.

Step 4:

You Walk Away With A $5 Million Dollar Pipeline 

One of the most significant advantages of joining my Inner Circle is gaining access to a remarkable $5 million dollar pipeline of contracts. As part of my exclusive group, you'll receive batches of solicitations and contract opportunities, collectively amounting to $5 million. This pipeline represents tremendous potential for growth and revenue generation.

Take a look behind the curtain...

Exclusive Glimpse Inside The Inner Circle

  • ​Access to a 5 Million Dollar Pipeline
Gain exclusive access to a lucrative pipeline of high-value contracts, opening up endless possibilities for financial growth
  • ​Direct Connection with Me Every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday at 7:00pm EST
One of the most exciting perks of being part of the Inner Circle is direct access to me, Jason White. I'll be your personal guide, mentor, and confidant, sharing my expertise and providing personalized guidance tailored to your unique goals and challenges via phone & zoom.
  • 2 Full Months Of Individual Assistance
I am committed to your success, which is why I'll be there to support you every step of the way. As an Inner Circle member, you'll receive one-on-one assistance and support, ensuring you have the resources and guidance you need to thrive in the government contracting arena.
  • Streamlined Contract Procurement
Forget about the hassle of searching for solicitations and contracts. My dedicated team and I will take care of all that for you. We'll provide you with carefully curated contract opportunities that align perfectly with your ambitions, saving you time and effort.
  • My Personal Contacts
Through the Inner Circle, you'll gain access to my extensive network of influential contacts. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to forge valuable partnerships and connections that can propel your contracting success to new heights.
  • Real Estate and Leasing Contracts
As an Inner Circle member, you'll have exclusive access to lucrative opportunities in the real estate sector. Explore additional avenues for income and diversify your portfolio with confidence.
  • "Bigger Money" Contracts
Get ready to discover high-value contracts and big deals that have the potential to transform your financial landscape. With my guidance, you'll be equipped to secure and navigate these lucrative opportunities, unlocking unparalleled financial rewards.
  • Ongoing Support and Coaching
Rest assured, I've got your back. Throughout your journey as an Inner Circle member, you'll receive continuous support, coaching, and exclusive Q&A sessions. You'll never feel alone in your pursuit of success.
  • Exclusive Inner Circle Community
Connect and collaborate with the 10 other hand-picked members of our Inner Circle through our dedicated community. Share insights, exchange ideas, and foster invaluable relationships with like-minded individuals who are equally driven to achieve greatness.


  • Two Full-Day In-Person Workshops
As a special treat, you'll have the opportunity to attend two immersive full-day workshops held on October 12th-13th in Houston, TX. The best part? We'll take care of all the expenses. All you need to do is show up, ready to absorb knowledge, network, and elevate your contracting game to new heights.
  • Spotlight Interview on Wealth Wednesday's Afterparty
If you already have a business, get ready to shine in the spotlight! As an Inner Circle member, you are guaranteed an exclusive interview with me during our prestigious Wealth Wednesday's afterparty. This priceless opportunity, valued at $15,000, will help skyrocket your business's visibility and open doors to incredible new opportunities.
  • The Federal Code Program & 2 x Comprehensive Ebooks
Get lifetime access to my comprehensive Federal Code Program. This program includes 3 months of community engagement, where you'll connect with like-minded individuals, and weekly Zoom calls where we'll dive deep into strategies and insights to boost your contracting success.
Half A Million In 2 Months
6 Million In Contracts!
6 Contracts In Under 12 Months
3 In One Week!
"The Inner Circle Literally Saved My Years Of Work!!"
"Since joining the Inner Circle, I have literally secured over 10 contracts. All from Jason’s exclusive list of contacts. I cannot recommend this group enough!" 

- Denice Mars 
"Finally Got Clarity, And Won!"
"Before joining the Inner Circle, I tried to win just one Federal Government contract on my own… but couldn’t hack it. With Jason’s coaching, contacts and formula, I got my investment back within weeks.” 

- Jerrod Sanderson 
"So Grateful For This!, I Can't Get Enough"
"Absolute game-changer! The $5 million pipeline is laid out so simply. Jason is truly a master at his craft. Working with Jason one-on-one is like getting a 10-year head start. Thank you Jason!!”  

- Adriana Harris

Now the $5 million dollar question is...

Will you join me?

It's not every day that an opportunity of this magnitude presents itself. In fact, this opportunity only comes around once a year. 

And last year, spaces filled up in just 4 days. 

So, apply now or wait another 365 days for another chance. 

The choice is yours. 
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